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 Free your mind from the worry. You are having a great space that can create magic and make heads turn. Value your space and because you only deserve to be remembered for your luxurious space, collaborate with Avaiil.
Guaranteed leads of new clients with everything included.
Act now to avaiil great benefits for free. Never stop at just the space you have at hand. You can transform any place to work up for the coworking business. 

If you are owning an office space and looking to rent it to a business or lease it but you are not able to find suitable clients who want to rent your space, don’t worry. Let the doors open to new possibilities with Avaiil. Your search for new clients is now over. Our wide network of customers globally want to set their offices everywhere. We can help you choose trusted clients using our resources. We take care of not only bringing you new clients but also provide them with an array of facilities that they find useful.


Consider these points to rent out your office:

1) Optimal utilization of your workspace:

Make the best use of your space with the resources you have. Think co-working, think Avaiil. When you rent out to just one brand, then you fail to create a diverse work culture, but when you rent to different brands the same workspace, you can even use the space that is left unutilized.

2) Play with time:
Now, if your space remains empty during the night hours, you may want to rent it to a different tenant during those hours. This way you can generate more. More people would like to go for night operations as their businesses are spread overseas.

3) No brokers:

If you go to a broker for prospective clients, you may have to bear the brokerage cost. If you want to save it, collaborate with us. You need not pay any brokerage to Avaiil.

4) Consider offering clients with more:

What do your clients look for? Your co-working clients would be looking for various plug and play services like high speed WiFi, 24×7 access, conference rooms, printer and scanner. They would also need services for their business like start-up consultation, digital marketing, accounting and taxation, legal documentation, bank account solutions, HRMS (Human Resource Management System), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, service provider access to food and cab and signage boards.

You must be wondering that you do not provide these. But worry not, Avaiil is here to help you. Helping you grow your clients. We make sure, your clients have a reason to remain connected with you.

5) Co-working with a new dimension:

Avaiil helps your clients looking for a space with

International exposure
 Own digital marketing house
 Own outsourcing company
 Own business consultation
 Own Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and
 Own software house creating multiple custom software changing with their changing business needs.

I’m not sure if it is for you but let us check, once you create a great impact with the services you offer, all the clients would be more than happy to work at your workspace.

Avaiil provides you best places to grow your network

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