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Our Services

AVAIIL offers a comprehensive range of services in B2B as well as B2C segments. From co-working spaces to digital marketing services, from training and recruitment services to startup handholding, from infrastructure and vendor support to specialised services and function support, AVAIIL believes in collaborations for mutual growth.


When you choose co-working spaces at AVAIIL, you don’t just get fully-functional, flexible workspace options with a host of amenities and networking opportunities, we also commit to a relationship of mutual growth.

Digital Marketing

With more people connected to digital media 24X7, no business can afford to deny the impact of digital presence. Based on qualitative and quantitative research, AVAIIL creates result-oriented, growth-driven, customer-centric online marketing strategies on who to target and how.


The right talent is critical to the growth of any business. AVAIIL helps in finding the right talent for the right profile at the right time for the right price. We help you with Human Capital Management, HR shared services, Payrolls, HRMS, and more.


AVAIIL offers a range of impactful training programs tailored to improve individual productivity and organisational growth. Our training modules range from developing specific job skills to long-term professional growth.

About Us

AVAIIL is a business-growth consulting firm dedicated to creating a unique platform for the collaboration of businesses, products, services, ideas, and talents. With over 30 years of cumulative experience in Research and Analysis and growth-partnerships with diverse companies, we are equipped to support our clients in their business transformation journeys.

Our all-round approach to understanding our clients’ needs through extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques help businesses achieve exponential success.

With operations in India and the US, and a diverse range of services in B2B as well as B2C segments, we have the expertise and experience to offer end-to-end assistance to nurture new businesses and propel existing businesses into extraordinary growth trajectories.

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At AVAIIL, research and analysis are the pillars of every strategy. Our all-round approach to problem solving through needs analysis and research offers a holistic solution to business issues and need gaps. We evaluate every aspect- Competition, Customer – Internal and External, Business, and Online market to identify growth opportunities.

Innovation Through Collaboration

Business collaboration is one of the established strategies for scaling up innovation and responding to dynamic business challenges quickly and efficiently.  By collaborating within the industry, we envision a future where everyone wins and achieves compounded growth through partnerships and building on each other’s strengths.


Market Intelligence – Demand, Trend, Forecast, Market size Competition, profiling and evaluation, Product analysis, Pricing, Feasibility, and Opportunity


Digital Marketing- Website, email marketing, Webinars, SEO, SMO. Offline marketing- Collaterals, Events, Seminars, Positioning Branding & promotions Market Entry Strategy.


Employee Experience Management (EXM), Know Your Employee (KYE), Need Analysis & Demand Mapping, Talent Management, Placement & Training support.


Strategy consulting, B2B Sales, Prospecting and Initial contact, Lead Generation, Referrals


‌Inbound calls, Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty programs, Maintenance support

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