How to find a co-working space near you?

A co-working space is a place where people working for different companies come and work together and collaborate. When you are looking for a co-working place nearby, you can choose to work few plans out before you arrive at a conclusion.

1) Talk to people:
Talking to people like friends, family members, property brokers, people walking by, autorickshaw walas, cab drivers and bus conductors may help you locate shared office spaces. Get contact details of local brokers from your friends who must have rented or purchased a property. Visit an old shop in your area and ask them, they will guide you if they know. Sometimes it might happen that a co-working space is just nearby but you happened to ask a person who does not belong to that place, then they cannot help you find what you are looking for. If you ask 4-5 people, that will be more than enough for you to get exactly which place you would prefer.

2) Visit personally:
Take out your vehicle and have a look around, you might find some places who want to rent out their office space. You can check the hoardings or sign boards of different places near you. Call them if need be and go visit them if they are available. This is the fastest way to book a co-working place. If you cannot find it anywhere near you, do not worry and keep reading.

3)Telephone directory:
Wipe or blow out the dust from your old telephone directory where you can get numbers of property brokers and commercial office owners nearby your area. Start dialing those numbers. After talking to a few people if you cannot find anything to suit you, ask for references. You will probably get the best bargain deal from references. But what if you don’t have a telephone directory? Now, here is the catch. If you do not have a telephone directory, you can borrow it from your neighbour for sometime, or you can purchase it from you local telephone exchange.

4) Google search:
When you wish to check out the nearest coworking space type “Coworking near me” in Google search and then hit the enter button on keyboard. You will see a list of options for you to browse.
Check for the reviews on Google for the co-working places and check the photos uploaded by the reviewers. If anything catches your eye, call them to book an appointment to visit the office. You can even visit their website for more clear pictures and chat on their website. Few websites will have links to their social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to get connected with people and ask for their experience working at the coworking places.
Ask a question on Neighbourly app and most of your neighbours will tell about the coworking workspaces near you.

Visit the office personally and then check the below list of amenities:

1) 24×7 access: If your business is spread overseas, then you would have to work according to their timings, where most of the times you will get many spaces

2) Safety and security: When you think that you want to work, but if the place and it’s environment is not great for a corporate setting, then you will need to move on to a safer and more secure atmosphere. A safe place is where you get people with a nice etiquette and where women are respected everywhere. A place where you get the desired support as an when needed.

3) Privacy: If the other coworkers are involved in a business like multimedia and sound production where lots of background noise might disturb you or people are taking phone calls is definitely going to hamper your productivity. A place less confining would be private enough and would boost your productivity at work.

4) Ample parking space: When you are going to arrive to work, would you get a safe and secure parking space to park your vehicle, be it a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler? If you cannot park your vehicle safely, you will unnecessarily be worried about your lovely car. Check if it is a covered space or an open space for parking. Go for a parking that is covered and there is a security checkpoint or guard to take care of your vehicle while you are away.

5) Concierge for guests: If you have lots of visitors from overseas or clients, they should be allowed inside and your hassle for booking their accommodation and cab should also be taken care.

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