Twelve Best Startup Services that every small business is looking for in 2019.

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We often wonder about three things when starting up a business, time, money and resources. To cater to them all, a small business should be looking forward to these twelve services:

1)Start-up Formation:
Formation of a start-up can be a statutory, registered, unregistered company, sole proprietorship, it may be limited by shares or guarantee or it can be an unlimited company or limited liability company; it is always crucial to follow the correct process. There are services that provide this facility for a hassle-free and time-saving start-up formation. Avaiil is a leading solution provider for start-up formation in Pune.

2) Global Reach:

Make your business noticed all over the world. Access your clients with no boundaries of physical location. Be connected globally with the help of your kingdom’s castle i.e. your website. Your company’s sustainability on the internet with adherence to the code of ethics, business policy, and growth of your business is now very easy. Global reach is beneficial to the firms who are looking forward to venturing in foreign markets and do not know where to get started. A technologically sound company equipped with the latest market trends and strategies would be capable enough to withstand rising and falling businesses.

3) Bank Account Solutions:
After the business is registered you will need to open your current account in a nationalized bank that gives attractive interest rates. Understand how an account would be an invaluable asset to grow your small business once your business strategy succeeds. Scale your business to great heights with careful selection of great savings, current and checking accounts. On the basis of your business domain and age, you can choose from an array of different types of bank accounts. Savings accounts particularly for women entrepreneurs, NRI, NRO, salary accounts and payroll processing and recurring deposit accounts can help your employees in building their career with you. Demit accounts can help your company scale your investments.

4) Account and Taxation:
Business accounts and taxation includes financial reporting using an ERP, Goods and Service Tax (GST) calculations, direct taxation, and payroll and its components as per the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Code. Company’s incoming funds and business expenses with the calculation of annual returns and tax. Preparing the balance sheet is not a task with the accounts and taxation services. Avaiil has great support on account and taxation.

5) Legal Documentation:
Operating agreement, nondisclosure agreement, employment agreement, business plan, memorandum, terms of use, privacy policy, apostils and meeting minutes can be created only through an expert. But now you have an option. You need to find a legal documentation service provider. And that’s not all, Avaiil is always there to support and guide you at every possible step for your startup.

6) Digital Marketing:
Be it SEO, PPC, website design, social media, reputation management, lead generation, online PR, Local marketing and review collection, nail the online sale with Avaiil, your partner in digital branding and marketing. Result-driven strategies to grow your online presence and promote a competitive edge to your local business. Tap the online young crowd from the internet. Developing rich and engaging content for any type of audience.

7) HRMS:

A fully automated HRMS (Human Resource Management System) portal, an HR software to take care of your employee’s leaves, attendance records and managing payroll, gathering, storing and fetching the employee information, performance evaluation, benefits administration, employee scheduling and self service, reports, analytics and informed decision making. It is integrated with biometric attendance punch-in.

8) Virtual Office:
When your team is at a different physical location, you can reach and connect with them virtually. With the click of a single button reach your teammates and stay connected seamlessly.

9) Service Provider Access:
Your daily commute like taxi, cab or cab booking and food facility from our vendor partners to cater your daily meals are taken care of by us. Now worry not about everything else, we have got it all covered. You can choose a subscription service with our partners.

10) Software solutions:
To suit your growing business needs, automation and optimization is the solution. An accounting software, a CRM and inventory management software are to name a few of them. Offering you with software solutions to cater to your exact needs and then customizing with your changing business requirements.

11) Business Advice:
Professional entrepreneur advice from the industry’s topmost consultants available. Your business can be at any phase, e.g. a new business idea or small business. We will understand your business goals. Compare market trends and device a set of strategies particular to your company.

12) Signage boards:
The brand of your business and its marketing begins with a great banner. You can design or choose from different options available and display the signage at the entrance gate. Your brand would be promoted and your banner would be your identity.


Avaiil provides you best places to grow your network

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