The Co-working Stats For Pune Are Even Better Than What They Seem

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Co-working is for those strictly for those who are young, starting out and working in an unstructured work environment.

While co-working may have started in this demographic, this is less and less true as co-working becomes increasingly popular. All kinds of workers are realizing they can have a flexible and diverse working environment without sacrificing the professionalism of the office.

As someone who has been in the game for a while now — we opened our first co-working space  in 2010 — I have seen the change firsthand.

Each year, we survey our members to find out how we’re doing — and how they’re doing. This year’s survey came back with a clear message about the health of the co-working community. In short, shared office spaces are proving to be economic engines that produce prosperity for owners, employees and service providers alike. Below are some recent findings that shatter the perceptions of co-working spaces.


Not just for solo artists. 

More and more, co-working is becoming group-oriented. It is a common misperception that co-working spaces are filled with solo entrepreneurs desperate for some social interaction. Our most recent member survey demonstrated that this is definitely not the case. Of those surveyed:

Only 50 percent self-identified as individual workers (consultants, freelancers, or telecommuters) 40 percent categorized themselves as employees (people who work for an employer at a coworking space) 10 percent classified themselves as employers (business owners or business unit managers who had employees)

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Co-workers are thriving and hiring.

Another co-working myth having a small shared office who intend to stay that way. Reality? Co-working spaces act as accelerators for business growth. The constant interaction with outside companies allows for natural networking opportunities, helping businesses find new clients, customers, talent and collaboration opportunities that fast-track growth. Out of our survey respondents, roughly 3/4 of employers and 1/3 of individuals expect to add new employees in 2018.

40 percent hope to procure 1 to 2 individuals

27 percent hope to procure 3 to 5 individuals

10 percent hope to employ at least 6 individuals

Collaborating individuals are huge spenders.

Period of shared business space.

As referenced previously, cooperating isn’t only for the new confronted startup, similar to a typical discernment. Individuals frequently incorporate an impressive segment of experienced entrepreneurs. From our study, among business

38 percent revealed being good to go for 3 to 5 years

About 1/4 of manager respondents and 28 percent of individual respondents detailed being good to go for over 10 years

Just 12 percent of a manager and individual respondents report being good to go for 1 year or less

Avaiil is making an appearing in collaborating.

Bigger companies are progressively making utilization of cooperating. Gone are the times of collaborating spaces loaded up with organizations you have never known about.

Avaiil provides you best places to grow your network

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