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While you get started with a business, you need to follow all the legal formalities of business registration. Every document as and when needed is audited regularly by the business bureau. The consequences are harsh when legal documents are not filed properly. In order for a business to be compliant with the market and to be operational, several documents and legal paperwork are created. Acquiring these may be a time and money consuming activity. But with the “Legal Documentation” service of Avaiil, it is now easy to file for any legal documentation at your convenience. Our legal advisors would work for your company’s setup and operational documents from time to time. Every ethical business likes to keep their policies and procedures, contracts and ownership documents up to date. Any legal issues that a business may face in future happens to impact their financial status and their reputation in the market. It is critical to have all business documents clear all the time.


Types of legal documentation

To form a startup you need the following nine documents which Avaiil helps you file for:
1) Trademark and patent registration certificate

2) Intellectual property (IP) rights agreement

3) Business registration or Incorporation certificate

4) Employee contracts and offer letters
5) Tax and other registration certificate
6) Non disclosure agreement
7) Bylaws (Internal policies for dispute resolution)
8) Operating Agreement
9) Shareholder agreements

  • Legal contracts:Having a tough time, while making a legal contract is normal. There are various legal, requirements and matters involved. While making a legal contract for any business. Be it related to any aspect of the business. It should be accurate as per the law. So that it can be a support for you in the long run. Worry not; Avaiil will get your legal contract made with our expert assistance.
  • Legal forms:There is endless number of legal forms one is required to fill. While doing this running a business seems an impossible job. When you just cannot get past these legal form filling tasks. Pour down the burden to Avaiil and let us take care of filling the legal forms accurately on your behalf.
  • Partnership dissolution deeds:Getting prepared for the worst is what law teaches. It is all good and pretty while a business gets along profitably. But it is very traumatic to see a business not doing well and being stuck in it. Not to worry the law provides the solution to that too. A partnership dissolution deed is what makes it legally easy and systematic. Availl will help you design a suitable partnership dissolution deed for your partnership firm.
  • Legal letters:Drafting a legal letter is way different and complex. One can easily take care of drafting various normal letters for business. But when it’s time to draft a suitable legal letter on behalf of your business. That becomes a barrier to communication too. In that case, you do not have to roam around to seek help. Avaiil will provide you assistance with drafting legal letter solutions as per the situational requirements.
  • Partnership deed: There is always a doubt, whether or not you will get the share you deserve. While running a business in a partnership. We understand your fears and luckily laws give you solutions for that. Provided the clauses and conditions are mentioned clearly and mutually in a partnership deed. Come to avail of your partners and business. We will take care of drafting a suitable partnership deed for your partnership firm.
  • The specific power of attorney:The power of attorney is a very powerful term. Not in just the way it sounds but due to the powers it provides to the holder. A power of attorney contract can give you a lot of relief in a business. Provided the power of attorney is made on time and within the conditions suitable to you. Avaiil will assist you in drafting a power of attorney and get it legally approved with our services.

Legal formalities are something people try not to fall into. But escaping from them doesn’t give you any permanent relief. Hence it is always better to handle legal issues and solve them within the stipulated time. So you can run your business smoothly and legally, without any hurdles.

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