How to decorate your office space?

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The elements of a great office space comprise of what purpose your business is. Different industries will have their offices set up according to their convenience and environment. For instance, a construction or architecture firm will have models of their building’s projects, whereas a fashion industry or jewellery industry will have mannequins and if you are an IT industry then you probably need big displays to give information to all.

Decorating your office space is entirely up to you and as long as your creativity goes, you will never get bored or tired of experimenting with your office decor. All you need is to take care of the following things:

1) Inspirational mugs:
A motivated and positively inspired person is an asset to the company. A motivational environment is created by motivational ideas around and inspirational mugs are one of them. Quotes like “Attitude is everything”, “There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things -The office”, “Follow your dreams, they know the way”, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”, “Bas kar pagle rulayega kya?”. Add some emotion to your coffee. Get creative with the shapes and sizes of your office mugs like cartoon characters, everyday objects, photo mugs, 3D mugs, travel mugs, self-stirring mugs, smiley mugs, ceramic mugs, opalware mugs, copper mugs, steel mugs, wooden mugs, rustic mugs, colour changing mugs, designer mugs, sports mugs, personalized mugs and so on. This will add a personal touch to the mugs and boost your co-workers’ overall satisfaction. Get Hindi funny memes and quotes for an extra crazy and chirpy surrounding.

2) Desk organizers:

Anything that does not belong to a space is clutter. In office, you get creative and jot down crucial things before the ideas leave your mind. It is very important to have a clean and clear space to bring new ideas in.
You would rather lose some unimportant papers than to lose your ideas. When you want to organize everything you want to save your time and effort to look for a certain possession later. It means that you are adding value to your creations and your daily stuff. Keep your desk space organized always and when you return back you will find everything where you left off. Glue, paperclips, highlighters, markers, correction pens, sticky notes, pencil, pens, drawing pins, board pins must be left where you want to find them. And if you are not sure where would you like to find them, then getting desk organizers is essential for you. Put some planters to purify the air you breathe. It has been found that looking at green colour gives you peace, calm and satisfaction. Let your co-workers own their space and customize their desks.
Organizing your workspace boosts productivity and creativity.

3) Boards:

White boards and chalkboards are needed during the seminars and presentations while the pin board lets you add all your sticky post it notes to it. Bulletin boards if they are decorated add a charm to your space. And when these boards are updated regularly they take on the game and people get engaged and molten in thoughts. Your co-working space will be a fabulously engaged place if you regularly run creative activities to decorate the slam board or bullettin board.
These boards can be of different shapes and sizes that add grace and beauty to any drab office space. The material choices are cork board, grid boards, peel and stick boards, mango wood boards, pin up board with aluminium frame. Create a exotic shape for your pantry like coffee mug, butterfly, rocket, arch, designer pin boards, printed pin boards, hexagonal tile shaped pin boards, rubber wood notice board, lockable notice board and much more.

4) Cushions:
Cushions come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. They add an instant glamour or creative instinct to the spaces that you would like to decorate. Choose from shapes like smileys, butterfly, fruits, flowers, hearts and different textures like fur, leather, fabric, linen. Leave your visitors spell bound by making them seat with great cushion covers made with microfiber and memory foam cushion fillers. The colour theme of your cushion must match with the theme in your space. If not then make it match. Change the cushion covers frequently to add a twist to your space often.

5) Modern chairs:
An office chair should be comfortable enough to remain seated for long hours and easy to carry as we may need to move it to any other space. You can choose from a variety of upholstery like linen, chenille, jute, leather, cotton, silk, velvet and wool. You can also pick synthetic fabrics for upholstery, faux leather, microfiber, nylon, olefin, polyster, and rayon. For any chair the texture and trims play an important role to uplift the environment. A variety of textures like embossing, gimp, nailhead trim, piping, tufting, etc. If you want to place a seat near a fountain or a waterfall, then select something that can not easily get wet. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes like tub chair, wing back chair, bergere, slipper, box chair, club chair, occasional chair, accent chair and so on. Go for hydraulic chairs that are adjustable, revolving chairs, ergonomic design chairs, mesh chairs, lounge chairs, boss chairs with medium back and high back, cantilever chairs, bar chairs, conference and training chairs that you can enquire from your local chair makers for a bargain deal. A good mesh chair can cost around Rs. 2,300 onwards.

The decor of your workspace will impact and boost your productivity and create a positive impact on the people visiting you. What should be your plan on your office decor, now you better know. The shape, size, colour, texture and symmetry help you define complementary surrounding that add charm to your space. You can get started very easily even by using whatever you have at hand.

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