7 Unexpected Ways Coworking Desk Can Make Your Life Better

Avaiil provides you best places to grow your network

The moment people who have a fear of mobs think about co-working i.e meeting strangers, they have a straight no no. But think of co- working as a place that provides privacy. A place where your mind opens to new possibilities, where you have freedom and flexibility. Be away from the hustle and bustle of the real workplace or a home but a virtual space is no less equipped. You get access to many amenities and you can connect to people who you never knew could become a great resource for yourself and for your organization.

  • Privacy: The prime concern of all people who are looking for a workable space is to get adequate privacy. Even though you will have your own team with you, still you might feel insecure letting your information out. Now when we talk about privacy, we talk about data and network security, a co-working desk at a place like Avaiil can give you more. Virtual private desks give you connectivity throughout and the flexibility to keep your work life private.
  • Comfortable Space: You have already lots of work to get done and at the same time, new work is going to arise. There is always a need to be comfortable and unstressed at all times. The place or the corner that you discover works out the best for you can be chosen as a place to work in a co-working environment. In the vicinity of nature away from the smells of fuels to develop a creative mind and a feeling of competence, where you have your competitors or coworkers sitting right next to you.
  • Security: When you talk about security, your physical security of your computer, your bags, your accessories and yourself. The next thing that comes to your mind is data security. In Pune, the safest place is Amanora with a two layer security where Avaiil is located. Security wise, we have the best trained personnel to help you through any problems. Talking about parking space, there is an ample security for your vehicles that you travel.
  • Family style butlered service: Your flexibility to have as much tea and coffee you like with the service right at your desk, where you don’t need to leave your chair to get stuff done. Moreover you get lots of convenient options to sate your snack cravings like noodles, biscuits, potato chips and more. You can order what you like from online food portals, and you will be sure to get it at your desk once you get it delivered.
  • Trustworthy WiFi: Your video conference calls, your Skype and Zoom meeting, remote sessions and lot more all depend on your WiFi speed. Get it all covered with your subscription. Once you are here, you are bound to be connected to an expeditiously fast, super butter and cheese sort of WiFi. Once you leave from work
  • Visitors allowed: Now, once you set up a footstep at work, you might feel that constraint at a real workplace that you cannot bring in your kids, family or friends to work. But here at a co-working space, you have a different story altogether. If you have the power to protect and well equipped security services, bring in as many visitors as you like to work or interview. Meet new people, grow connections and start promoting your brand. It all begins with the correct prospecting. Depending on your business needs and domains, your visitors can be courier parcel delivery, food delivery, your family, relatives and friends, business partners, consultants or your team mates from different co-working locations.
  • Signage boards: Getting a physical signage board for your company, personalized listing for your company location matters a lot to build up a brand. Designing your brand logo that communicates your theme of starting up your business. Project your right message to the right audience using interactive, digital and manual signage boards.

All in all, a co-working desk is what you would always be looking for when you are trying to make waves in the market with your start-up or you work for a large organization from a remote location or a virtual office. The verdict might be, you will take some time to get used to it. But being uncomfortable is just for few days, once you are used to it, then it is all your work ground.


Avaiil provides you best places to grow your network

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