7 benefits of shared office space for large corporations in Pune

A shared office space or a co-working space is a rented shared workspace with different amenities like conference and meeting rooms, furnished cabin spaces, event spaces, tea, washroom supplies, desktops and printers. Whatever an office needs to be functional they provide in different packages.

Here are some benefits for a large corporation to opt for co-working space:

  1. Virtual Global Connection:
    By connecting virtually, people are getting connected with their team mates across the globe working independently from different physical locations. No matter wherever you are, you have no limitations on getting connected. Imagine to speak with your team mates on an online platform and collaborate with them the same way like giving them a personal visit. The companies who have their teams spread all across the globe are increasingly taking the advantage of co-working spaces for smoother and seamless operations.
  2. Co-working for Networking:
    People from many different backgrounds join the same shared space. Business startups, freelancers and employees of a global organization work together. There is an environment of collaboration, knowledge sharing and processing. Together, you can participate in social events which gives you self-worth and groom your personalities.
  3. Increase in Productivity:
    Now when it comes to productivity, it is better to work in an environment with likeminded people instead of working from home. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his world famous concept of ‘Flow’ has explained that people are happy when they are completely absorbed in an activity where they need to utilize their creative ability that’s when you can expect their peak performance. When people work with other domain people, there is an exchange of knowledge and a greater sense of self-esteem. This boosts the productivity by leaps and bounds.
  4. Cost-effective:
    While a startup needs to wait till the documentation is filed for their registration purpose, they can become operational right away in a collaborative workspace. Many co-working spaces provide consultation for a start-up to register their businesses and get started initially. Before an organization can get their own office space for their headquarters, they can work in shared spaces.
    For large companies, it is difficult for them to open their branches at many places together. But with the flexible subscription plans of co-working spaces, it is possible to quickly increase the global physical presence for a large company and provide its employees with ease to travel and commute to places where they stay.
  5. Great services and amenities:
    Amenities that a co-working shared space provide are super-fast internet, printer and scanner, tea, conference room, 24×7 access, Air conditioned workspace, office assistance, house-keeping, CCTV recording, power backup, fully equipped pantry, biometric punching for attendance and parking space.
    Services provided by co-working spaces are start-up formation, global reach, bank account solutions, account and taxation, legal documentation, digital marketing, Human Resource Management System HRMS, virtual office, service provider access, software solutions, business advice and signage boards.
  6. Customizability:
    The shared spaces can be customized as per your team’s needs. A co-working space that can provide team seating as per your team size and highly customizable to suit your requirements.
  7. Explore new things in life:
    As the co-working community helps an exposure to new fields in science and technology. Be it nanotechnology or material science, all backgrounds of people can work together and know about different things.

At the end, go for co-working, it is a happy networking place near Hinjawadi and Amanora, Hadapsar.

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